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international institute of chartered educational practitioners

About Us

Who we are

IICEP was established to enhance the quality of education by developing the competencies of Practitioners, assisting to update curriculum, advising regulatory bodies on policy matters and providing support services to educational administrators, teachers and learners.IICEP'S major stakeholders are Teachers,Tutors, School Proprietors, Principals, Lecturers, Trainers, Facilitators, Instructors, Librarians, Authors, Publishers, Bursars, Guidance Counselors, School Matrons, and all support staff in training and educational institutions.

Our Vision

1. To provide professional structure for chartered educational practitioners globally
2. To enhance the status of our members and serve their mutual interests
3. To provide a forum for chartered educational practitioners for exchanging ideas
4. To promote international best practices on education for chartered educational practitioners

Our Mission

1. To be a torchbearer for development of education worldwide
2. To expose chartered educational practitioners on the use of digital skills and application of digital technology in the teaching- learning process
3. To update knowledge of members through continuing professional development (CPD) programmes
4. To serve as an umbrella body and a rallying point for educational practitioners

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Membership Grades

IICEP Membership Benefits

(I) Training and Development programs
(ii) Recognized certificate which qualifies individual as a chattered or fellow member and as a Professional Educator. This is certified and accepted in every organization/Institution worldwide. It can be used as a means of upgrade of Individuals in workplace
(iii) Educational Development and Exposure
(iv) Access to IICEP International Academic Journal, Chartered Educational Practitioner Magazine and Newsletters
(v) Publishing and Marketing of Members books in the international Market
(vi) Listing in Membership Directory for Networking
(vii) Supervision of International Students Projects
(viii) Membership of IICEP provides excellent grounds to socialize among affiliated institution members. Ideas and opportunities are shared through webinars and seminars (Networking Opportunities)
(ix) Exposure to International Jobs and Business Opportunities
(x) Certification Seminars and Workshops
(xi) Reduced cost of training, seminars workshop and continuing professional development (CPD) programs.
(xii) Assistance to members on International courses and Programmes

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